This is a fantastic course! 150 150 Rock and Water Program

This is a fantastic course!

I feel that this has the ability to develop life-long resilience in my students, and to give them the confidence to tackle any situation – Lindsey Pacchini from Kindlehill Steiner School from 3 Day Workshop in November 2019

Very insightful and meaningful 150 150 Rock and Water Program

Very insightful and meaningful

Brian’s facilitation & teaching is fantastic. Entertaining, knowledgeable and very powerful – Shelley Scott from RAAF – November 2019

An absolutely outstanding program 150 150 Rock and Water Program

An absolutely outstanding program

An absolutely outstanding program delivered in the most professional manner. Our group was totally absorbed in the program due to Brian’s personable manner, his passion, and his understanding of the challenges young people face. The program provided us with the knowledge to establish a solid connection with who we are, both from a physical and emotional sense. This program is extremely powerful for the development and well-being of all young people. It has the potential to recue lives!

Thankyou! 150 150 Rock and Water Program


With 40 years of martial arts training and almost 30 years of teaching I thought I knew most of this stuff already and had been using some of the techniques ad hoc. The structure of Rock and Water and the lesson layouts will give me whole new vehicle to help my students in a much more structured and formal manner. Brian’s knowledge and passion for Rock and Water has truly inspired me to take this forward with my students and in my school community. Thankyou!