Advanced Training


Prerequisites: Completion of the Rock and Water three day workshop and one year extensive Rock and Water experience in teaching the program to students is essential.

Overview:The Rock and Water Level II Advanced Training program offers schools and organisations the opportunity to develop highly skilled advanced trainers in Rock and Water who can lead the development of the program in your school or organisation. This training focuses on the explicit teaching of the first 10 core lessons of the Rock and Water program. The newly revised full program consists of 24 lessons.

Lesson 1-2 – Standing Strong

Lesson 3-4-5 – Handling Confrontation Using Rock and Water

Lesson 6-7 – Rock and Water in Verbal Communication

Lesson 8 – Rock and Water in the Playground

Lesson 9-10 – Breath and Body Language

School teachers: Training has been designed especially for educators who have completed the 3 day training and would like to increase their presentation and delivery skills. You will be able to deliver a 1 day introductory workshops to colleagues and parents within their current school that you are teaching in. This will enable your school to have a whole school approach to the program. It is important to remember once trained you can only teach the 1 day introductory workshop and not the FULL 3 day training.

Youth organization/educators: Completion of the training and what this allows you to do: If you work for an organization which runs a number of programs within schools you can NOT run 1 day introductory workshops for teachers within schools you can only teach other colleagues from your own organization. You can however run two-hour information sessions for parents/teachers within the schools that you are working.