Advanced Training


Prerequisites: Completion of the Rock and Water three day workshop and one year extensive Rock and Water experience in teaching the program to students is essential.

Overview: The Rock and Water Level II Advanced training concentrates on the basics of the program covering grounding and centring exercises, standing strong, rock and water attitude in physical- and verbal communication and in relationships, body language, breath exercises, boundary awareness exercises, and very effective anti bullying exercises. This training focus’s on the first 6 lessons of the Rock and Water Program, the full program consists of 14 lessons (143 exercises).

Lesson 1 – Standing Strong Lesson 2 – Rock and Water Lesson 3 – Breathing strength Lesson 4 – Rock and Water in the school yard Lesson 5 – Boundaries Lesson 6 – Rock and Water in personal contact

Training has been designed especially for educators who have completed the 3 day training and would like to increase their presentation and delivery skills. You will be able to deliver a 1 day introductory workshops to colleagues and parents within their current school that you are teaching in. This will enable your school to have a whole school approach to the program. It is important to remember once trained you can only teach the 1 day introductory workshop and not the FULL 3 day training.

School teachers: Completion of the training and what this allows you to do: Completion of the Level II advanced training allows you run 1 day Introductory workshop to your colleagues within your organisation/school as well as run two-hour information sessions parents/colleagues.

Youth organization/educators: Completion of the training and what this allows you to do: If you work for an organization which runs a number of programs within schools you can NOT run 1 day introductory workshops for teachers within schools you can only teach other colleagues from your own organization. You can however run two-hour information sessions for parents/teachers within the schools that you are working.