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Do You Want to be Recognised as a Rock and Water School?

Rock and Water is a highly successful, evidenced based international educational program. In Australia over 15,000 teachers, youth workers, chaplains and counsellors have received training since the program was introduced by Freerk Ykema in 1998.

Rock and Water Australia manages all Rock and water accreditation training in NSW, ACT, TAS, WA, SA, NT and VIC, in partnership with the Gadaku Institute of the Netherlands. Following the successful school’s accreditation program in the Netherlands, Rock and Water Australia is offering the same award to schools in Australia that meet the criteria for recognition as a Rock and Water school.

Can you meet the following criteria?

  • At least three groups of children receive a minimum of ten lessons in Rock and Water each year in your school.
  • All teachers are trained in Rock and Water, through a minimum one day introductory training, within a three year period.
  • At least two teachers have received the three-day Rock and Water seminar or Primary Focus seminar ( for primary schools only).
  • The Rock and Water program is inserted in the curriculum/ school plan.
  • The Rock and Water program is described on the school website.
  • There is a Rock and Water coordinator at school, responsible for coordination and quality control of the program.
  • The accreditation will be for a period of three years after which schools may seek re-accreditation by holding a one day workshop and providing evidence of meeting the remaining criteria.
  • Schools that seek recognition may consider the benefit of having at least one staff member undertake Advanced Training in Rock and Water so that the One Day Workshop can be conducted in-house rather than incurring repeated workshop expense. Advance Training will be held this year in NSW, if you are interested please contact me at info@rockandwater.com.au or on 0403561173

If you are interested in accreditation, please complete the contact form on the right and I will be in touch with an application form. 

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