14 hours of registered professional development


Rock and Water Training addresses  1.1.2, 1.2.2, 3.2.2, 4.1.2, 4.3.2 and 4.4.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Please Note: TQI endorsed hours can only be accrued by attending workshops run by Rock and Water Australia, however teachers seeking identified hours only may attend courses in any state.

This workshop applies the Rock and Water concepts and principles to all grades of primary education and the common situations that often occur at school. It meets the demands and needs of teachers and trainers working with young children.

Students learn to stand stronger in many ways. In the playground and the classroom they learn to identify their limitations and possibilities, learn to communicate more effectively, learn to feel, set and defend their own boundaries and to respect others’ boundaries too.

The workshop manual includes profiles of students from each age group, and gives emphasis to their age specific (social) identity development. Practical material is provided which explains why certain exercises are better suited to students from various age groups.

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Rock and Water is a self development program designed to enhance children’s resilience skills; monitor and identify their reactive behaviour patterns when placed in times of stress; develop their capacity to work effectively in a group situation by analysing how relationships are strengthened and to stand with focus and determination as an individual. It strengthens a child’s inner motivation and drive and can compliment any existing resilience program run within your organisation or school.

Rock and Water is unique in its delivery because of its emphasis on kinaesthetic learning patterns. The program is a series of physical exercises that evoke a physical and psychological response. Students learn to feel how their body reacts to situations and develop skills to control how their body responds by recognising the cues. They are made aware of how others respond and have opportunity to discuss how their social competency can be enhanced by following a series of steps to promote open and honest communication in the playground, classroom and wider community.

The Rock and Water course has a unique teaching methodology. The Primary School program involves 121 separate exercises that are designed to foster and enhance growth from the age of 5 to 12. These exercises have been designed to reflect the developmental capabilities of the children. This course contains a brief psychological sketch of primary school children and the various stages of development linked to these are the different developmental challenges they face and which in turn are connected to specific Rock and Water themes and exercises.

Rock and Water is characterised by a psychophysical didactic method. Simply put starting from a physical perspective, mental and social skills are presented and mastered. This course looks into learning through experience and actions and learning through expressing oneself and conversation. Both these aspects are as important as each other and they together create an intense learning process.

The program is strongly physical in nature and supported by short discussion session in groups offering space for self-reflection. This approach was chosen because boys have a physical presence in the world and boys often have difficulty putting their thoughts and feelings into words. Through this teaching method boys are taught to control and harness their energy and girls learn they are stronger than they thought. Rock and Water can runs for eight weeks which fits neatly into any school term. Ideally this course would be given 45 minutes a week and the new Primary Course enables this to start in the foundation infant years and developmentally grows with the children until year six.

Specific topics include:

Confidence, being a member of a group, emotional control, body awareness, working together, body language, intuition and listening, non-verbal cues, boundaries and mastering your emotions.
During the eight week course we discuss the following key issues:

* Safety       * Integrity       * Self-control       * Confidence       * Respect       * Self-awareness

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